Moving the player within a circular grid while looking at object

Working in Unreal Engine 4, I’ve decided to make an FPS, however this fps works on mechanics similar to that of Zelda, Dark Souls, and Metroid Prime. It is also going to feature rhythmic mechanics. as of right now I’ve gotten the basics such as movement and aiming built using blueprint, as well as targeting in the fashion of the aforementioned games. What I need to do, and what i am having trouble with is having the player move within a circular grid around the object that is being targeted.

The player should be able to move between the intersections on the grid with the press of a button while looking at the target. What happens instead is the camera freaks out as if it’s spinning around in the x and z axes. The player is also pushed into the ground, however I should be able to fix that on my own.

Below are images of my blueprint which controls targeting and circular movement. Please note, this blueprint is far from being finished, what is seen here show only as far as I was able to go with what I could figure out.

Never mind, I solved my own problem. Thank you for the consideration…

Turns out the answer was to setActorRelativeLocation before setActorRelativeRotation. Then add R0 and the forward vector. After everything is added up break the vector and apply the proper z point. then feed that into setActor Relative Location.