Moving the player pawn along a spline in a cutscene

Apologies if this belongs in the Blueprint subforum instead.

My goal is to move the player’s pawn along a spline in a cutscene, which I’d like to do while keeping the actor’s animations tied to the animation blueprint that the actor was already using.

I tried to use the sequencer to do this, but I don’t think what I want to do is possible. I was able to move the player pawn along a spline path that I set up through the sequencer, but since the player is still possessing the pawn, none of the animations respect the pawn’s movement. I have an animation blueprint set up to read the velocity, which is fed into a blendspace to drive the running animation. While the pawn is moving from the sequencer, it acts like its velocity is zero. Meanwhile, hitting movement keys triggers the run animation even while the pawn follows the path.

I’m unsure of how to fix this. I believe, in theory, I could use a blueprint to change the actor’s animation mode to custom and manually put the needed animations into the sequencer, then when it’s done switch back to using the animation blueprint. This will complicate things a lot though, since I want the animations to correctly observe what weapon the character is holding, among other things, and it would be really nice if the animation blueprint would take care of handling the running animations for me automatically.

Is there any way to do this? I’m using 4.17.2, if it matters.

If not, I’m guessing probably won’t really be able to use the sequencer for this. I considered adding custom blueprint logic to follow a path on command in the player actor, or swapping the controller out with an AI controller temporarily so I could use the AI’s move to functions in the level blueprint, but that feels kind of redundant when the sequencer already implements this functionality.