Moving The Editor Sky Camera

Keys ‘A’ & ‘D’ move the sky camera right and left across the landscape as it looks down. The ‘W’ & ‘S’, and ‘UP’ & ‘DOWN’ keys all move the sky camera up and down relative to the landscape surface. I can understand that with the camera pointing down, down & forward, and up & backward would be the same. My question is: Is there a way to have one set or the other of the keys set up by defining an init action or something so that a set of keys move the camera across the surface orthogonally to what right and left does?

@anonymous_user_8932ba9e Yes, you need to set the W/S keys to add/subtract to/from the Z coord of the camera.

You can make the camera a BP actor, or a simple pawn. And it’s response to these keys is to change the Z coord.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to do either… Changing the keys seems simpler though.