Moving the Child Actor Components

Hello! I’ve just encountered a problem, when I can’t change the location of Child Actor Components. I believe the images will say pretty much everything.

The blueprint:

What I see in the Editor:

What actually happens in-game(nvm the awful lightning settings):

Try setting the transform of the child actor component. Right click on the orange pin on that node and do ‘split struct pin’. Then create a vector and feed in your x/y/z.

The child actor is snapped to the CA component, I guess. So setting an offset for that didn’t do much. You needed to move the CA component itself.

Works just fine, thank you! =)
What was my mistake, actually?

Asking here, just to prevent making additional topics: did I get it right, that I can’t modify CA’s public variables from a parent BP?
I have a function in the CA blueprint, that sets it’s coordinates as public variables, but after I make a test-log of all the coordinates, they all seem to be 0.

Here’s the image:

You may find that the child actors themselves don’t spawn right away.

Try setting the coordinates on begin play.

Well I got it. Due to my stupidity I didn’t execute the setting of variables in the ‘Set Coordinates’ function.

I am really sorry for spraying questions but I just have another one. If I have a class blueprint with mesh, having certain parametrized material and I want to change the material of only 1 of them during the game process, what do I do? Changing the param of a Material seems to change every single one of them.

PS: I bet the answer to my question should be here somewhere, It’s just sometimes hard for me to make an appropriate search query since english isn’t my main language as you could probably notice =) So, again, sry for spraying questions like a machinegun.

You need to create a material instance dynamic.