Moving the camera during the player's death

I’ve just finished up on a death animation for the player but I’m having an issue with the camera and not sure how to tackle it. Basically, when the player dies, I want them to look down first at their feet since the actual animation model looks down and then when they fall back onto the floor, they’re looking up. The camera is already connected with the right eye socket, which I thought would fix the issue but it did not so I’m at a bit of a crossroads on what to do. As of right now, the death blueprint disables input as I don’t want the player to move around when and after they’re dying, so where ever the camera is facing is where it’s locked onto. Is there a way to make it do what I wish?

Current Problem

Edit: Solution

One way is to connect the camera to a spring arm… Connect the spring arm to the socket location. On death manipulate the spring arm to change rotation and arm length to the desired final position.

Do you have any examples I can work with? Never used spring arms before and I’ve just attempted a few things but to no avail.

This is currently what I’ve created, but I can’t find any function to rotate, only to offset and extend the arm length

You’ll be looking for relative rotation I believe. I’m at work can’t look at the moment.

I may be doing something like this in my project since I’m having trouble with blending to another camera without it Doing it to all my cameras so I’ll post my results when I can .

On death, tell the camera component attached to the right eye to NOT use controller rotation of any kind.
Works for me, though I do it via C++, not Blueprint.

Thank you so much, that worked like a charm