Moving Template Content Folders and Items

I have moved Materials, Textures, and Folders from the Starter Content Folder to another folder that I have created in the Content Browser. When I play the map, a random sound effect begins playing on a certain part of the map. If I move the items back the sound effect persists. Exiting without saving and then reloading the Map stops the sound effect because then nothing was moved. Trying to figure out what the sound effect is and how to stop it.

Could you describe the sound a little bit? :slight_smile: Go to the scene outliner and check if you probably have some sound actors in your level.

It almost aounds like fire crackling. I moved the Ocean Material from the Starter Content Folder and thought it might be that but when I tried another material it was doing the same thing. This is happening for me specifically with the First Person Template and has happened on different Projects. I have not included any sound unless it is a default one with the Template and something is causing it to play. I am not able to check the scene at the moment but if you would like to try and replicate it:

Create a new project with the First Person Template. Play the level (should be no sound). Create a new folder in the Content Browser. Move a material from the Stater Content Materials Folder to new folder. Play level and the sound should be playing. If not I can try to include a video with this problem.

Hi Horusalis,

I’ve tried your repro steps, but I have no sound that is generated from moving a material to a new folder.

The only thing that I’m aware of in the Starter Content that has a fire crackling noise is the sound file itself and Blueprint_Effect_Fire that has a fire particle effect and sound that play continually.

Can you verify that you’ve not accidentally placed one of these in your level?

Thank you!

I have not placed any sound within the level. My friend tested and I started a new First Person Template and the sound appears in both cases once the material is moved. For some reason it seems to be setting off the Audio within the StarterContent Folder but nothing has been placed in the level. If I delete the StartContent Audio files then there is no sound when I test.

Edit: I tried another FP Template and saved the project after the material was moved. Once I quit and opened the project again, the sound was gone when testing the level.