Moving target location for spell casting

I’m trying to create a target location for spell casting. The player will control the character with the left stick or wasd, and the target with the right stick or mouse. I want the camera to stay behind the player and look “over the shoulder” towards the target. The target will have a particle system to show the player where it’s at and I want that to float just above the terrain.

I’m using the Third Person Character blueprint as a base and trying to move a capsule collision component with a particle system attached. I’ve got the particle system showing up and I tried attaching a spring arm and doing some stuff in the event graph, but it’s not working and I’m not really sure what to try next.

I’m trying to do this from the character blueprint, but I could do it in C++ if that would be better.

do something like this maybe ? it stead of adding the particle as a component run it as a spawn emitter at attached look at the pictures …hope this helps