moving SSAO folders to new engine, compiling c++ help needed

In the 4.15 modded engine I have the SSAO files were missing and the engine won’t compile without them. I moved the contents of GFSDK_SSAO from 4.13 to 4.15. What other files need modification to find where SSAO is failing in the following example? When I debug it breaks in the file D3D11Hbao.cpp at line 22:


	//GFSDK_SSAO_Status status;
	//status = GFSDK_SSAO_CreateContext_D3D11(Direct3DDevice, &HBAOContext);
	//check(status == GFSDK_SSAO_OK);

	//GFSDK_SSAO_Version Version;
	//status = GFSDK_SSAO_GetVersion(&Version);
	//check(status == GFSDK_SSAO_OK);

	//UE_LOG(LogD3D11RHI, Log, TEXT("HBAO+ %d.%d.%d.%d"), Version.Major, Version.Minor, Version.Branch, Version.Revision);

pretty much any of the lines with SSAO cause it to break. If I edit them out the engine compiles but the editors crash when I try to play and spits out SSAO problems.