Moving Projects from one external drive to another

Hello forum! Thanks for taking a minute to read this.
I’ve had an issue recently moving project files from one external to another. I reset the Vault Cache to the new drive, rebooted Launcher, then opened my projects from their uproject file.

They seemed to open fine, but I noticed that trying to drag a procedural foliage volume into the viewport would crash the app. The problem was persistent across all the projects. I went back to my old drive where I still had the projects. Again, projects open, but procedural foliage volumes crash it immediately. I was using meshes from packages acquired through the marketplace.

I guess I’ve made a grave error in moving my projects in an improper manner? I created new projects to test, and they don’t seem to crash with the procedural foliage volume with the same meshes, etc. Attaching the crash report here as well…

Is there a proper procedure for moving projects from drive to drive? Thank you for your input!