Moving Projects and Source Folder?

I got my game project that I’m working on in my default UE4 project folder under my documents. I also have a folder on my desktop which is my folder for all my textures, exported meshes from Maya, and speedtree stuff. Now I don’t want to move my game project folder. I want to move my folder from my desktop to a different location. I’m afraid that if I move it, it will cause some problems when I right-click an asset in UE4 and choose “reimport” and it will keep asking me to find the asset because I moved the source folder to a different location. How can I relink the source folder (a.k.a. “containing folder”) to my UE4 project?

I do make changes to my assets often and “reimport” almost every week when I’m working.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to relink and update the source folder without having to one-by-one reimport your assets in ue4 to the updated source folder location.
This should be a new feature in the next Unreal Engine 4 update under project settings.