Moving plugins to modded source engine from standard store standard source plugins

I want to move the Substance, DON nav, and 6DoF plugins from my 4.15 current source engine to a modified source 4.15.1. What steps are required to move these?

Is it as simple as moving the plugins from the current engine/plugins folder to the modified source or is there more to it?

You can usually move them pretty easily. Just be sure to delete the intermediate/binary files so you get a fresh build of them. And you can move some plugins over to a game project as well, but some plugins require being in the Engine project… But most don’t.

For the most part, you can generally just move them over pretty safely, sans compiler issues.

Does just a build in UE4 work or does it need to be an entire rebuild every time?

Que? If you have to rebuild every time you’re going to have one long project schedule.

I guess I meant build in VS.

Nah; most of the time I have to rebuild it’s because I accidentally click rebuild.