Moving platform

I have a level where there is a moving platform( an elevator, you could say… ), moving up and down.
I implemented it with a level sequence, and a box collision.

My problem is that the character is not moving with the platform more like the platform is pushing the character, sometimes overlaps, sometimes falls through it, also if I jump when standing on the platform, sometimes it falls through, sometimes it launches me to space.

I tried doing search, and found several other people having the same problem, but those solutions didn’t work for me, also every one of them are more than 2 years old.

Is there a method in the current version of the engine which could solve this problem? I mean, Ark, and Unreal Tournament has working elevators, right…?

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Elevator (english) - YouTube did U try this tutorial ?

It’s a really outdated tutorial( matinee is marked as deprecated ) from 2014, also he does really nothing especial, only playing the matinee from the blueprint, which should be the same with the level sequencer.

The trick is, his elevator is moving slow, mine is kinda fast.

Thanks for the answer though!

If your player is getting off the elevator, You can attach the player to the floor of the elevator as soon as it hops on it and U hit the event to play the elevator motion so that it acts on the player as well without dropping it . U have obviously described a timeline if U are not using matinee

How do you attach the player to floor? I made a trigger just a bit above the elevator, and on overlap, call the AttachActorTo, attaching my character to the elevator actor, and on end overlap, detach it. Didn’t really help, made a lot of undefined behavior, but the main problem still existed.

My elevator is not moving only if the character stands on, it loops indefinitely. It’s more like a moving platform, than an elevator…

by attach I meant U move the character too by taking the reference of the character as well as the floor and move both of them .

Hmm I have not tried that yet, but wouldn’t I lose the ability to move it from level sequencer then?
Seems like I have to hardcode the positions.

I’ll try that and report back!

I finally got time to try it out, and sadly, didn’t work.
It solved the overlapping problem, but still sometimes my character skyrocketed when jumping on the platform.

Then disable the player control on the elevator for that time so that it won’t look unnatural

That’s not possible I’m afraid. It’s not a normal elevator, more just a moving platform…

have U seen or played Batman Arkham Knight . When he enters the studio all his controls are almost disabled . Doesn’t look unnatural at all .I can guarantee that to U.

Maybe in batman, but this is a dynamic fighting game. totally different style.
Thanks for the help anyways.