Moving platform - no loop - start from last value


I’m looking for the following;
I need a platform that I can move trough controller. So I want the platform to elevate one metter higher every time I press a button.
As my avatar is on the platform, I need it to be done by matinee I guess? But I can’t figure how to set a matinee that will say: Goes up one metter more.
Several key frame? But I need to have more than 100 “steps”…

Thank you

Ok so I found a way out.

I set a matinee to move from 0 to my highest point.
On “up” action, I start the matinee, I set a delay for x secondes, than I stop the matinee.
On “down”, I use “reverse”, delay, stop.

The platform now goes from 0 to 100 metter, step by step, without anything else

Have a nice day.