moving pawn with vive controllers


I want to control the movement of my pawn with the right HTC vive controller thumbstick X/Y.
can someone help me how i can make this? or are there any good tutorials?

i hope to make a VR shooting game where you can walk around while in RL sitting on your chair.


If you already have a pawn up and running, like the third person or first person template ones, you can add in MotionController (R) Thumbstick X and Y events for movement input.

thanks :smiley:
now i only got one problem, the Y axis is reversed.

sorry i just started with the ue4 engine.

Hi Guys,
I’ve tried this setup.
I used it in my VRPawn Event Graph, but nothing happens. Do I need to prime the Pawn for movement?

Anybody could fix the reverse Y axis please ? Still have the same issue