Moving pawn till it hits ground (AddActorOffSet)

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m having a problem that starts to frustrate me quite a bit.
Thing is, i have a pawn and want it to move down until it hits the ground. Then it should stop. I don’t want to use physics for that, because i want to have the control over it.

I managed to get it moving down with a connection of a Delay and a AddActorOffSet node.
I think there must be something wrong with how i use the gate… can’t figure it out :confused:

Help would be very nice :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of the blueprint:

Eventhit wont do anything useful for 2 reasons
a) your not pulling any information out of it except an execution pulse but…
b) it wont pulse unless your using physics, have youi tried playing it to see if it fires?

I would GetWorldLocation(self, or whatever actor or component) then GetUpVector and then NegateVector(GetUpVector) and then do a channel LineTrace starting at GetWorldLocation ending at GetWorldLocation + the negated up vector from above (aka down lol) * float(999999) break the trace and get the vector of HitLocation/ImpactPoint from the raytrace break and then do a VInterpTo (vector interpolation) from GetWorldLocation to ImpactPoint or set a boolean on eventTick that when true srtarts to AddLocalOffset -z and when false does nothing which is set by checking if GetWorldLocation EqualTo or NearlyEqualTo impactpoint/hitlocation.

Hope that makes sense.

You may need to store GetWorldLocation and ImpactPoint in temporary varables, this could be done in a function so they are local and get removed from memory later.

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I tried exactly what you said (as far as i was able to reconstruct by the description) but didn’t get it to work.
It seems like even simple things are hard to get rolling in unreal engine blueprints.

Are query collission physics on what its tracing to? Are you tracing the correct channel, ar eyou getting green hits with debug or just red lines?

C++ is alot harder for things that seem even this simple trust me.