Moving objects in x and y axis + rotating them

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am really new to this sort of thing and already in quite some trouble. I have multiple objects on the floor which I imported as .fbx objects. Stuff like robots and stuff. Now i want the player to be able to click on them and move them to another location and rotate them at 45°-intervals.

I am not sure if its common to answer questions like that since I probably need a lot of screenshots to understand it, but I would really appreciate your help.

My big ???s are How does the blueprint look like, which one is it (new one, level blueprint or firstperson blueprint etc)

Massive Thanks

I’d suggest starting by getting a basic knowledge about Blueprints before trying to do anything else : Introduction to Blueprints

Depending on how you mean most of this stuff can be straight forward, before hopping in and making your own game I highly suggest doing a bunch of the tutorials.

A lot of basic stuff that applies to everything is in them.

There was a good one on you tube for making pong start to finish. Since the game concept is usually universally know. You can understand what the end result is and how to get there.

You get to understand casting to classes moving objects and setting up points etc.