Moving object stopped working suddenly

i have a BluePrint elevator, that goes to floor 1 when key 1 is press and so on to floor 5.

everything was fine. but suddenly the elevator stopped working, the blue print still works fine, but the mesh is not moving, i check that is a movable object, but i dont know what i did that broke the thing.

hope you can help.

this is the blue print, but i think is working fine, just i dont why the mesh doesnt move any more.

ok, i think i know what happend but i dont know who to fix it.

a have some component in my BP. all movable by default, but if i change any one, to static, then back to movable, it wont move at all again. even if all is set to movable.

does any one know what is happening? and how can i set some components to not move while other should move.

The root should set to movable too. i didnt notice it change when you change this setting in other components.

so, that was very revealing, but i still have a problem, on how to set some components to static while the root and other components remain movable… i dont think that is possible, but who knows ??

Hi arqdia,

Static Meshes are just that, static. They are never intended to move. You can’t have a movable parent and a static child because if the parent moves then the child will to, which means it isn’t static.

Root - Movable

  • Mesh1 - Movable

    • Mesh2- Movable

      • Mesh3- Movable

Which is why when Mesh2 is set to static, then it will change every component under that to static as well.

Root - Static

  • Mesh1 - Static

    • Mesh2- Static

      • Mesh3- Movable

I know when dealing with nested objects it can get sort of confusing. If you have any questions just let me know.



Tnx, yes i imagine something like that. i made another BP containing the static objects, and its now working. i have some issues but i think im in the right way to solve them. (maybe :s)

Sorry about that. I edited my post, I didn’t realize how the formatting was being excepted.