Moving object makes the player jitter while on it .

This is an elevator, and when moving with the player on it, it looks weird, not smooth.
I’v tried to interpolate the movement of the elevator static mesh component and also to use the “Move component” node, and it gave me the same results .

It seems like because of the collision of the player is not sync with the collision of the moving object the problem occurs.

This is how the blueprint looks like :

And this is how the problem looks like :


Is there any way to solve it ? There are got to be right ? how can i make an elevator in this engine otherwise :expressionless:

You can find some matinee examples but for those kind of movements, but imho,
the best way is to use a timeline like (but in the example it is used with a lerp rotator, use a vector one).

Thanks for responding.

The blueprint is built this way because there are a lot of instances of this blueprint with different properties and i don’t want to make a new blueprint for each one. timelines are barely adjustable outside of their box ( can’t change properties via the details panel ).

Also i don’t know what you mean about that rotator. this node can move location and rotation as well. and here i’m using only the location input. the rotation isn’t moving at all.

What i’m kind of sure i need is a way to make the player respond better to the movement of the elevator .