moving nodes to a new graph - Possible without losing connections and namings?


I’ve ran into the problem that my main event graph has become quite full and I’d like to move some timelines and custom events into a new graph. Unfortunately all my timelines will be renamed and my custom events are not referenced properly when cutting them (CTR+X) and pasting them into the new graph.
Is there any non-destructive way to move nodes from one graph to another?

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Interested in this topic also. Haven’t found a way except Duplicating a Blueprint and then purging what’s not required… Which is a PITA or worse, its useless advice as the BP already exists. :mad: - Overall, copying code between BP is a FAIL, because variables aren’t created therefore default values are lost.

Plus as you pointed out,Timelines don’t get copied properly at all, making them a liability to use. Then there’s functions…!!! Even UDK-Kismet let you copy variables along with default values. … But 5 years on and we still don’t have this??? Don’t see this getting addressed either till UE5, if ever. How do Epic staff get work done without this I wonder… BTW: You should think about cross-posting this to Feedback-For-Epic…

Wanted to add some tips, in case others are looking this up:

Think about using the Create Event node (specifically for event dispatchers).
You can easily change the corresponding event/function if the initial event can’t be read anymore and needs to be redirected.

Another tip I found useful:
Make a Graph specifically for Timelines in the beginning, and put them all there so you don’t need to untangle it later.
Timelines are still really ficky to move around regardless, but many people don’t know you can control the playback of a Timeline from any graph, anywhere.
You can control and finetune almost everything indirectly without connecting a single wire to the Timeline inputs (granted, you still need to wire the Update output to do anything meaningful).

These methods aren’t applicable/ideal for most situations, but they’ll definitely help alleviate some dependencies and decouple your system a bit more to work with.

I found a way! What you do is cut the nodes just like you did, except compile and save! Then paste into the new graph! It worked like a charm for me! Woo!!!

Also wanted to mention that I only needed to move the nodes from the main Event Graph to another in the same blueprint.