Moving Niagara fluid Sim with source

I want to create a world-space or moving niagara fluid simulation with a source. for example a flamethrower that moves and leaves some flames/smoke. cause most of the examples on YT or sample project are local. and all moving/world-space doesn’t have a source. any work around or tips to do this? thank you.

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You are likely looking to attach a system to a socket in a skeletal mesh. The Spawn System Attached node should do the trick for you. Create a socket on the end of your skeletal mesh then designating that socket as your attach point. These two pieces of documentation should help you through this process; please reply here if this works for you or if you need more assistance!

Hey @,

I’m just checking in to see if you have made any progress with this system. Do you need any further assistance setting up a niagara system which is attached to a moving mesh?


Im following up on this to see if this is possible to achieve with non-skeletal meshes. For instance, a cube that emits fire from the surface. When I move the cube, the sim restarts, instead of leaving a trail of fire/smoke.

Another example could be, a tree that’s on fire from top to bottom. If it were to topple over, how can I make the fire continue to burn from the tree mesh surface as it falls?

I’ve tried inherit velocity but either I’m doing it wrong, or it only allows for fixed values instead of scaling speed proportionally to the parent object itself.

Any help or tutorial links are appreciated! Thanks!

Did you get anywhere with this? I am trying something similar (might just convert to skeletal mesh if it’s impossible), but also facing similar issues with the system respawning, and tweaking the offsets on a “shape location” node has unexpected results.

This didn’t quite work, at least not for fluids. I can do this fine for spawn at location and it will spawn without issue, but when doing the spawn attached it doesn’t seem to spawn at all. I’ve double checked the name of the Socket and everything (I actually use the socket to get the location I used for the Spawn at Location test btw), but still doesn’t seem to be spawning and following