Moving my project to 4.11.0 from 4.10.4 caused serious problems.


Today I decided to move my project from Unreal Editor 4.10.4 to the new version - 4.11.0. This caused the following problems:

  • 100% crash on project initialization tied to plugins. I had all rendering plugins turned OFF as I didn’t ever need them on previous versions of the editor. Crash always happened on 90% of initialization progress until I turned the plugins back ON for 4.10.4 and moved the project to 4.11.0 again.
  • After my project started working on 4.11.0, I noticed that all UI pictures have lost their regular quality. UI became horrible compared to my project in 4.10.4.
  • Something wrong happened with in-game font - some texts do not fit their fields and get cut at the bottom. Maybe the font became larger than it was in 4.10.4, I don’t know.
  • Many outdated folders that I deleted long ago re-appeared. I even noticed a folder that I didn’t create at all: Splashes.

I’m not sure what else could probably happen in my project in 4.11.0, so I can’t risk using this version for further development and have to go back to 4.10.4 for now.

If anyone encountered the same or other problems with 4.11.0, and managed to fix them, please let me know.

P.S: I also asked the question regarding the issues on AnswerHub: Unreal Editor 100% crashes when project's initiation is almost finished. - UE4 AnswerHub

You should always expect to find some new glitches when you update a project from one engine version to another. In a way, you’re pretty much rebuilding your game over again and will to have to do a very thorough test of everything in your game with the new engine updates. Identify the broken parts of your game and update them to be compatible with the latest version of the engine. It’s going to be taking one step backwards to take two steps forward.

Yes, I expected such things, but hoped to avoid them completely, like during update from 4.9 to 4.10 :slight_smile:

The first problem (crash) appeared to be a bug, which only Epic Games can fix. I’ll try to fix the other mentioned issues on my side before asking new questions on AnswerHub.

Basically the better approach is to lag behind for 1 or 2 updates (ie using 4.9 when 4.11 is released) to decrease chances of plugin/project breaking. At least thats what i do at the moment, altough 4.11 did come with serious updates and its tempting to step into it.

By the way, for how long the Unreal Editor’s old versions usually remain operational and available? I need 2-3 months to finish and release the videogame I’m currently developing. Can I keep using 4.10.4 for this during all remaining time? After the release on Android I could take a break and move the project to new version of editor. Don’t really want to slow down the development process now… especially considering the fact that my laptop decided to die recently and I had to spend time restoring working environment and the project on new PC :slight_smile:

That’s kind of what I do as well. I switched from 4.9.2 to 4.11.0 because it has so many good updates. The updates fix a lot of the design problems I have, so I figure that’s a worthwhile investment of my time.

Yup 4.11 is a major one.

There is no cut-off date for old versions of Unreal… they will always remain operational… as long as you continue to use them.

Btw, if you are converting to newer Unreal version, it is highly expected that you will encounter errors here and there… the key thing is the ability to find the solution to issues in the forum.

And also always convert project copy (not in place) which will enable you to work parallel with your existing Unreal project.

I see.

Well, I think I’ll keep using 4.10.4 for now.