Moving my instanced actor makes it invisible until I recompile/ change detailss

Fig. 1 Actor rendering as intended

Fig. 2 After applying a transform with the gizmo, the actor is invisible

Fig. 3 by changing an unrelated variable in details, the actor reappears

As demonstrated in the photographs: My actor blueprints are not rendering after I apply a transform, until I either go into the blueprint to hit compile, or if I change a variable in the Blueprint’s details panel, or CTRL+Z! It started many hours into this project.

It only happens in this level, which I am fine with abandoning but would it would be more educational for me to find the fix! I have a feeling it was from force deleting some unrelated assets (megascans). But it doesn’t happen to my AI Character bp, only the cameras and a Quartz clock template.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?