Moving meshes

Hey all,
I’m trying to find out how to move a static mesh around my world using target points. I have tried to use simple move to location but that yeilds no results. If anyone can explain or at least put an example how to accomplish this I would greatly appreciate it.

Does it have to be a static mesh? It would be easier to drop the static mesh in a custom blueprint with pawn type and move it around with the pre-built controllers…
If it absolutely has to be a static mesh, I think within the level blueprint you can still access it’s movement properties.
The first step - as with ANY mesh would be to make sure the item is “movable”.
You’ll find the switch option right under the location/rotation/scale transforms.

To get the mesh to move vi script after that.

  1. Select the mesh withn the PIE viewer
  2. click Blueprints at the top and open the level blueprint
  3. Right click and tyle “location”
  4. choose set actor location
  5. set a new location for it.
  6. create an Event Tick (right click, create event tick)
  7. Connect the 2 and click Play / switch back to the PIE editor and you should see it teleport.

so I tried your method however I wasn’t able to get it rolling (might of been doing wrong) however I was able to get it going after making a character blueprint and putting the mesh in it. Then I made it hit nav points via level blueprint. I do appreciate the help, you definitely sent me down the correct path.

Try iTween plugin :