Moving meshes from one content browser to another

Hey guys, I really need some help here. Im not really good at importing meshes into the Unreal 4, every time I try all I get is the bare mesh, with no materials on it. For example, I tried to move the camera from the office demo into the content browser in the main editor (the browser with the props) I clicked migrate, moved the camera to the mesh folder I created in the content browser in the main editor. When it was done mograting, all I got was a grey camera with no materials on it. What am I doing wrong guys? Also, will there ever be a complete content browser made available to us in the future?

You of course need to migrate the materials, too. From your description it doesn’t sound like you’re doing that.

And what’s a “complete content browser”?

I think he means like the one in UDK?

When you right-click an asset in the content browser and use the migrate option, it should copy the asset and any other assets it references. So if you migrate a mesh that has a material assigned, it should automatically migrate all materials and textures it uses and keep everything hooked up and working. If you want the whole security camera Blueprint, you should try migrating the Blueprint asset itself, which will bring along everything it needs.

After clicking migrate, are you getting a list of the assets it’s about to copy? If so, the only other thing I can think of is that you might need to make sure you’re choosing a destination folder in the right project - you’ll want to select the “Content” folder in your new project for that.

Probably this video helps you: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Migrate Assets (english) - YouTube :wink:

I noticed I tried migrating some of the folders out of the content example file and it wasnt maintaining correct links. Is that due to the fact I was say only migrating material folders and it was missing the textures?

Do you mean that the links are not connected right, or that just the texture is missing in the texture sample nodes? When just the textures are missing in the texture sample nodes, then it’s because of the missing texture folder

I finally got everything all into one content browser. What I did wrong was I created a folder just for migrating meshes, and I was trying to send them all there. I used the content folder instead, and now it imports everything flawlessly. Thanks for all your help with this, I hope my mistakes can keep someone else from making them.