Moving Materials to Another Project on Another PC

My team and I are new to learning how to use UE4. We primarily use another engine and are branching out to new things.

The problem we are having is creating assets like materials in one project and get them into another persons project on a different computer.
At the moment we are aware of the Git, however we are still in the testing phase of this development and are just working in unreal.

Please help with any advice,
I have already tried copying material files to the project(they just do not appear)
I have tried Exporting, same result, as well I have also tried migrating to see no results.
We are both running 4.8.3, and work at the moment on the same server.

All articles I have found out there are about moving to another project on the same computer.

Just do it like that:

  1. copy/migrate all needed folders onto an USB stick
  2. on your 2nd pc you have to place those assets into the content folder of your new project -> keep the folder structure!
  3. open the project and now you should be abel to see the material :slight_smile:

When you cant see them, you are using a different version of the engine

Well, what you could do, is take your materials from the project, and put them into a flash drive. Then put that flash drive in the other’s computer, and put it from the flash drive into the folder. Make sure to put it into content.