Moving massive amount of AI with low performance cost

I am trying to set a massive amounts of AI to follow the player, but I get a lot of performance drop.
I’m using “move to actor” in a base class of the AI, so when any of the AI spawns they start to follow the player. The goal is to make about 600-700 (or even 1000) AI to follow the player.

I think the problem in my case is the character movement component and tick events that are called from that component.

the problem are geometry and draw calls

if you have a Ai character mesh which has a 20000 vertex count and you want 1000 of them … jup…
To solve that you need lod’s ( blender is good place for that )

And to reduce draw calls you should make sure that you only use one material for the entire Character mesh but that will not suffice because that make nevertheless 1000 draw calls so you need to wait until Epic release an update for the Engine which includes “Instanced Skeleton Meshes”