Moving light actor in matinee

Hello I’m new to Unreal engine, and lately I’ve been stuck. So I want to make a simple animation where point light is moving in random direction (just for a test to figure out how it works). I created matinee, made a lightning group, added selected actor, and made keys in movement, in preview everything works fine, point light is moving, but in playing mode nothing works, light is just standing still . What did I wrong? (Play on level load is checked in matinee)

In play mode, you need to trigger the sequence in some way… Also, try using a level sequence instead of a matinee (level sequence was meant to replace matinee actors, it’s an old system).
I have an example trigger for you here (see image). Go in the character blueprint and add this in. Make sure you add the name of your sequence into the CreateLevelSequencePlayer node.