Moving Left,Right And Backward Animation (Blendspace1D)

I don’t know how to describe it but it is something like this.
I want my character to play the walking forward animation to start facing right side and start walking as I command my character to move right .
The movement animation is like in the original thirdperson template and the original template is using blendspace1D .
How can I create my animation like that ?

You need to use a regular Blendspace not a Blendspace1D so that you have access to multiple Axis in the graph…the animation starter pack has a few that you can use as examples to get started in the right direction.

Oh Hey you again !!
As in the third person tutorial video created by Epic games I saw that they are using blendspace1D , does the function doesn’t work on the latest version of engine anymore ?

The function works the same on the latest version of the engine but in the TPS tutorial they are only setting up a Idle Walk Run that happens in just forward direction…if you want to also add side directional motion you need to use a Blendspace like this one from the Animation Starter Pack:

Not a Blendspace1D…1D blendspace are single axis only whereas a Blendspace gives you both an X and Y axis

Okay I got it now . Thx mate