Moving from Map to Map in Multiplayer

Working on a multiplayer game that consists of many maps (city, cave, nightclub, sewers, etc.)

Was wondering if it was possible to set it up so the clients (or the server) can move from map to map without forcing the other client’s map to change - since all the clients should be able to move around the world freely and go wherever they want (one player might be exploring the “cave” while the other client is in the “city”, etc.)

of course if they are in the same map, then they would see each other and be able to interact with each other.

I read the servertravel command changes the map for all clients when executed - so I guess I cant use that, right?

I’ve been playing around with level streaming also… but it seems like it loads/unloads everything for all clients when executed, so I guess cant use that method either?

is there a way for the client to change maps without disconnecting from server (and the server can change maps without disconnecting from clients)?

Does anyone know how to do this type of travel?

I don’t think it’s possible out of the box unless you modify the engine and implement some dedicated server/mmo type system that keeps track of every player in every map. Might be quite a lot of complex work.

Thank for responding.

That’s a bummer though… I’m trying to do something similar to Grim Dawn rpg, where players have the option to host games with 1-8 players. Im not sure how they are doing it but the Grim Dawn world seems pretty big so I am guessing they are level streaming or loading/unloading maps (ofcourse they are not using UE4 so who knows how they are doing it.)

if the level streaming would be independent of each player I think that would work fine… If anyone knows how to do that in blueprints or C++ please let me know.(I don’t mind paying for custom codework either)