Moving foliage or another mesh with mesh in BP

Hello everyone. I had a problem moving leaves with a static mesh. I tried to create a BP in which I would move the mesh and put foliage on it. However, the foliage does not move with the mesh from the BP. How can I glue it to the mesh? I also tried to make an animation and add the foliage directly to the animated object, but it didn’t work either. The only working option is to first combine all the meshes into one and then add it to the BP. But this is a bad option, since it is not possible to spawn objects during the game on this mesh.

Hey Devaister,

How are you adding the foliage onto the static mesh?

tried two ways. added a coliseum and drew grass with an ordinary standard tool. Then combined the surface and grass with merge actor and add result into BP.
This method works. but it does not bother to add new objects. for example, how to build a building in a strategy. as these objects will hang in the air and not move with the platform.
if you just lay the foliage on top, then in this case it also does not move. Is it even possible to do so?

this is my problem 2…im going crazy