Moving folders in 4.9 breaks everything

This results in broken references, copied files, copied folders, things moved to the root and duplicated and so on. files refusing to appear in the solution. complete carnage. After trying to neaten up my project I’m not in a situation where I am spending the entire day just piecing it all back together, and of course, it’s still not in the right structure.

Is this a known issue?

EDIT - Some more information people might find useful

  1. perforce is connected
  2. I am moving them in the editor
  3. after moving them, perforce marks the new
    ones for add, but the old ones don’t
    get marked for delete
  4. yes indeed, the old ones are just those weird
    little 1/2kb redirect files or
    whatever they are
  5. the only fix I have found is to mark those other
    little files for delete, close the
    project, open it and relink stuff,
    because it seems like even though I
    do an in-editor move, there is still
    odd stuff going on with the
    referencing dependencies.

Are you moving folders in Windows/OSX or are you moving them within the Editor?

It sounds like you’re moving them in Windows/OSX. If you do this, Epic can’t redirect all the references for your moved assets. Moving them around in the editor should resolve this.

no, I’m moving them in the editor

Hi Asher ,

  • Have you attempted to fix up redirectors?
  • What steps are you taking to remove the folders?
  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?