Moving folder crash editors and corrupted the whole project


so i was trying to move folder in my project to sub folder and after doing some process there were two copy of folder the original and the new moved folder, i right clicked on that folder and click on option that called ‘fix redirection …’ then BOOM unreal crashed and whenever i try to open the project it just crash ,
WTF is this !!!
i have been working on this project for more than 2 months and now all lost.

First of all you need to maintain backups, preferable on a daily basis. If you move something it is best to immediately fix up redirectors.

Steps you could try to resolve this:

  1. Make a Backup of the current corrupted version.
  2. Delete the Immediate and Saved folders, try to launch.

Did this fixed it? If not move the corrupted “moved” folder out of the project, then try to launch.

look the base issue is like this:
i got folder A which i want to move into folder B after editor done it’s process now there two version
/A and /B/A i right clicked on folder B then “fix redirect” after a little while it crashed and the problem started

@unit23 , i tried every single solution i found including deleting these folders.

i tried to delete immediate + binaries then run it , i did it and after compiling the dll when the editor want to start it crashes.
i tried to investigate the source of the problem so first of all i changed the default game map and default editor map to empty values from INI files, then started the project, well this make a little hope to restore the project, the editor now started but whenever i started any file regardless it type texture, material or blueprint …etc , it will crashed the editor .
i moved out the folder Content/A and Content/B out then started the project finally every thing works, now i tried to restore files .uasset file by file and finally got the corrupted .UASSET file
what !!!, it was in folder “B/some_non_related_folder/some_blueprint” i don’t know how moving folder A affected that file o_o

anyway i recovered most it , yeah i lost many of blueprint but at least not the whole project.
BTW never delete “Saved” folder in problem like this, cuz i really found some useful backup of uasset files under "Saved/backup"

my question to epic, Why on the earth you have to save path in uasset file !!, each time i move folder that have bunch of asset it gonna rewrite all uasset files under that folder, this does not make any sense !