Moving files to an other folder resets the source control history

We recently started using perforce for our hobby project. I’m coming from git/svn/hg and never used p4 before.

Yesterday I decided to reorganize some of my assets and created a bunch of new folders for this purpose. I moved some of the assets to these new folders by dragging them in UEd and selecting the “Move” option. This worked as usual but perforce now seems to think that those are new files. I submitted the change to our depot and the history of there moved files is empty.

Is this just the way perforce works, is it an issue with UEd or do I have to move assets in a different way?


Hi Bajee, it’s currently a limitation of the editor’s integration with perforce. It performs the operation as a Delete and Add, instead of as a Move.


I see. Is this something that you plan to change? If not, an I move assets in P4V instead? I’m not sure how the editor keeps references to imported assets.

It’s not something we’re immediately planning to fix, but I’ll add it to the feature request log. Unfortunately, just doing it in Perforce isn’t an option either, because that will break all the references to assets. The editor creates these assets called Redirectors when you move an asset. Redirectors leave a permanent redirection to the newly moved asset, so when you move something, if other assets were referencing it, in order to prevent having to open every asset and updating their reference, a redirector is created instead. Doing it outside of the editor, would prevent the redirector from being created.


Ouch, I’m having this problem. So is the solution to delete all the content that was moved off the depot, and re-import it back into the project?