Moving enemy pawn when being held hostage

I am currently working on a system to have hostage/human shield this is what i have so far.

  • I have a anim space for Hostage-Idle/walk animation and Aggressor-Idle/walk animation for both the one hostage and one Aggressor

  • set them each up in the animBP in a state for each(one state for aggressor and one for hostage) i also disabled movement for the hostage.

what i want is to be able to do, for the aggressor to dictate the direction and speed of hostage when in the hostage state but cant figure out how to do it. i also want hostage to have the ability to fight out of the state so i cant take complete control away from him(like in friday the 13th when jason grabs you). if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this i would appreciate the advice and if there is a better way i would like to know if i am doing this wrong.