Moving destructible mesh

I’m trying to move a destructible target through the air, but when I use the level sequencer, it always jitters when it moves and doesn’t break unless I hit its starting position, which is completely unrealistic. Anyone know how to animate destructible meshes properly?

Look i’m pretty new to UE but I’ve been playing with destructibles and chaos for a few weeks now and well its weird to say the least and complex on top of that. Try creating an actor blueprint with the static mesh version of the destructible, and then root the geometry collection to the static mesh. Set the GC to be not-visible and hidden in game. Then with a simple On component hit (static mesh) flip all the visibilities. So your static mesh goes non-visible (also turn off collision) and out pops the geomesh in its place. Maybe a slight delay in your physics field to give the GC a good push. Worth a shot. Lmk!