Moving/Copying files in Content gets stuck at 100%

I have a problem with moving folders from one location to another. If the content is small (a few files) it is working just fine, but if is bigger then it gets stuck at 100%, also at first the CPU stays at 100% as well, but after a few mins it goes down, last time I tried it went down to around 10% CPU usage.

As an example I downloaded ParagonHowitzer to look at it and when you get it, it automatically goes into Content folder, and I tried to move it to a folder named Characters to keep Content folder more clean, and for that first I used “Move here” but it got stuck at 100% with 0% disk usage. I closed UE from Task Manager, removed the files from project, and added them again, only this time I used “Advanced copy here”, but same problem it gets stuck at 100%. The editor doesn’t froze, as from time to time you can see the blue lines move a little, it just doesn’t finish.

All this I’m doing on a NVMe SSD.

Unfortunately you can’t just use explorer to move the files from one location to another as they contain links between them, and they know the root is Content at that time. And it is not a problem related to one project, I made a fresh new one, downloaded same content, tried to move it to another folder in Content, and same thing.


//Edit: I left for well over 40 min, still stuck at 100% as in that image, and not a single file was copied.

I found “a solution” in my case. Before starting to move/copy the files, select the folder you want to move/copy, then on top activate ALL the filters except Other filters, then select all the files from that folder (click on one file and then press CTRL + A) and then right click on one of them. It will start loading them, AND BE CAREFUL, this will use A LOT of RAM if you have many files. After the loading is finished, then you can start to move/copy. It won’t be as fast as doing the same straight from Windows, but that is to be expected as it changes all the links between the files.

I found a way easier solution for showing all the files. Go into the root folder, then on top in the search bar, just type . and it will show all the files. Then select them and do the same thing as above.