Moving components in character Blueprint via c++

First I’ll just add a disclaimer that I haven’t had that much experience with C++ but have a pretty decent amount with languages like Unrealscript and AS3. So I’ve been trying to piece together an answer for this and am either looking in the wrong places or searching for the wrong thing so I guess I’m going to ask here.

Basically what I have is a couple of arm static meshes nested in the camera component of my character blueprint (so they move with the camera) and what I would like to do is access them in C++ and move them around based on some other FVector2D (which are just X and Y positions of something in my HUD) variables I have elsewhere in the code. The problem is I’m not entirely sure how to go about doing this.

Basically just something as simple as “getting” the component and setting its x,y,z values at runtime. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Here is my set up

Also for any further clarity I have used this tutorial to set up my character [First Person Shooter C++ Tutorial][3]