Moving character in grid pattern


I am trying to make grid based turn movement game from top down view (Socoban type, i have edited TPS template, just moved camere up), and I want to make my charater to move in 1x1 meter grid(or it depends on size of level ofcourse) in each direction, so when I press W or arrow UP it will move up for 1 meter would be best, or if I press S or arrow Donw it will turn around in 180° and move 1 meter this direction.

Basically something like what is here in this demo: UE4 Top Down Grid-Based Movement Prototype - YouTube.

I´we done lot of research but i did not found anything what would help me, to make it working as i want or even close to it.

Thanks a lot for help. :slight_smile:

ps. I am still new to blueprints, especially to character BP and character movement :wink: