Moving Character during Montage

I have an animation where the character leaps and does an over head swing. The root bone and the whole animation is done with the character set in one spot (0,0,0). I made it into a montage to play when I hit a specific key. The issue I have is that I’m unsure of how to make the character move forward while thing montage is playing. I tried to do a transform but it snapped forward instead of being a gradual transition. Is there something I’m missing or am I using the wrong function for this purpose? I have other animations such as an aerial attack and I also wish to give it some movement in the vertical axis, would it be done in a similar way? Thanks for your help in advance!

You could make the character move in your animation in this instance.
Normally the CharacterMovementComponent takes care of movement, that is the reason for moving in one spot, like you correctly did.

However there is also the possibility to make it move in your animation software (meaning it does not have to stay in one spot) and activate Root Motion in Unreal.
When this is activated, the characters movement will follow the movement in your animation. This is a good solution when using montages.

You can find the exact process here in the documentation:
Root Motion | Unreal Engine Documentation

Wish you success!

Thank you very much, it worked a charm :slight_smile:

Oh wait, but upon trying it on an animation that moves upwards, the enable root motion causes the transformation in the z axis to cancel out. Is there a way around this?

Would be a nice feature if you could key joint transform as an additive track in the montage itself. In the case were a montage is made of several sequences, it’s less ideal to do this in the sequence assets, and prevents reuses of the sequence assets in other montages where different root motion is desired.