Moving camera with widget

I’m trying to make a shop where you can buy new guns for the character, and i want that you can click on 2 button (left and right)

And i want that once you’ve reached a sertain distance with the camera that you cant go any further and that the right(or left) button dissapears.

any help will be appreciated, thank you.

You could some Timelines, and you could use them as matinee sequences to move the camera. Than You just have to set some boolean value to check what Timeline you was playing: create two boolean, “first” and “last”. if you are in the last position (last Timeline), set last to true and first to false; if you are in the first position, set first to true and last to false. Then you just have to create a basic code that set the visibility of the left button using !first (the negation of first: if first is true, don’t show the button, if it’s false show the button), and the visibility of the right button based on !last (if last is true, don’t show the button)