Moving Camera to multiple positions w/ Gamepad.

I’m totally new to UE4. The blueprint seems intuitive but there is a learning curve. I’ve tried to figure this out on my own and searched for tutorials but its taking too long. So I figured I’d just ask.

How do I make a camera switch positions by using the gamepad’s shoulder button? I’m trying to have 5-6 stations beside each other and when you click the shoulder button you cycle from position to position. Left or right. Side stepping. I’d like a smooth transition or movement. Not a static jump.
I figured out how to use the shoulder button but puzzled about the camera. Its sort of a first person view but these 5-6 camera positions will be the only movement in the game.

Thanks in advance.

In the character BP you can use a “Move Component To” node and control the positions to move to with an array and a bit of logic.