Moving camera pawn with a mouse click and drag

I’ve pretty new to Unreal Engine 4, but I’ve made some headway with Blueprints via youtube tutorials, this answerhub and experimenting with nodes. Unfortunately, I’ve come to an impasse that I’m having trouble with.

I have a basic camera pawn that floats above the world in an RTS-like view, but instead of just zooming in and out, I’ve implemented Pitch and Yaw as well, so you can rotate around horizontally as well as between 10-85 degrees vertically. I can also move the camera with the WASD keys regardless of yaw rotation, but I would like to make it work moving the camera the same way, just with a left mouse click and drag event.

I also have a simple model that follows my mouse cursor around the screen 100 units above 0, which will eventually conform to landscape height. This is part of the same pawn that holds my camera.

What I’m looking for would work much like the Blueprint editor itself when you right click and drag. The mouse pointer is locked to a spot on the background grid and it moves around your screen based on the mouse position.

Currently, this blueprint allows me to move the camera, and if I’m at the perfect height and angle, it looks like the cursor is stuck to the right spot, but any pitch or zooming in or out will cause an obvious change in movement speeds. This is being used from a Player Controller Blueprint, and I feel like I should have some ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace nodes, but I haven’t been able to make that work in the way I’ve hoped yet.

I hope I’ve explained this clearly, any help figuring out a way to make this work would be greatly appreciated.

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