Moving blueprints from one version of unreal to another

I apologize if this question is too n00b, but I started my “learn unreal” project in the 4.26 “preview” instead of 4.25 and I’m trying to move one of my blueprints back to unreal 4.25

Cut/paste across unreal instances doesn’t seem to work (doesn’t even ack the paste operation) and trying to open it across versions just tells me its for a newer version blah blah…

Is there a way to move it? If I used code would be a cut-paste op (my C++ experience is about 20 years out of date) but I’m just not seeing how to do this after watching (aka skimming) all the BP intro videos.

Do I just have to rebuild them with two editors open because of my incessant need to use the latest greatest before I’m ready? lol


Hi man, did you ever tryed installing the version you want and opening a Copy of the project?

Yes i did… unfortunately It won’t allow backward movement… likely because of the major changes in 4.26 (which is why I chose to use it)


Maybe I’ll just keep going with 4.26 but I don’t want answer searches to come up with incompatible answers at this stage of my learning curve known as “firehose”

Some assets are not backwards compatible. Perhaps also depends on the blueprint code. But for testing you could recreate the folder structure inside the older project, copy/past the newer version blueprint into it, and see if it is displayed inside the project. However, theoretically it could even yield a serial mismatch error.