Moving between levels at specified location?

Bascially you keep a record of where the player left the main level in the save game.

I have a very similar setup to you. In fact I use multiple player starts, because the can have ‘player start tags’, so I can save the player start tag in the save game when I warp to a sublevel. When I come back, I know which player start I was located at.

If you want more ‘granularity’, you can just save the location vector of the player in the save game, and respawn the player at the point when you come back…

You could do that, but why not use a player start, that’s what they’re for :slight_smile:

Are you streaming or opening and closing maps?

I have a main level and there are warp points to other levels. Each warp point takes the player to a specific location in the new levels. For ease of use we will call them secondary levels. When the player is done in one of the secondary levels, I need to have the player return to the main level. I need the player to spawn essentially where they left the main level. There are multiple secondary levels and warp points. How do I get the main level to place the player at the corresponding return location on the main level?

Is this done in the level blueprint? The way I had been thinking of doing this was to place an empty actor near the warp points and have the player return at that actor’s location. Would that work?

Opening and closing. There is one HUGE persistent (streaming) level from which the player leaves and returns. There are other levels (not streaming) that are open and closed from the big streaming level at certain places.

Have you figured it out?