Moving Attenuation Sounds

I have an audio component attached to my some weapons on a vehicle. The audio component’s sound cue has attenuation attached to it. When the weapon is fired, and the vehicle moves, the fire sound slowly gets quieter as the looping sound doesn’t seem to be moving with the vehicle. However, the AudioCompeont is attached properly, and whenever I start firing the when again (calling Play() again on the AudioComponet), the sound starts playing in the right location again?

How can I make the looping sound not stay at the location where it started playing but rather move with the AudioComponent?

Hi. Did you solve your problem?

To solve this problem I used AudioComponent->OnUpdateTransform(EUpdateTransformFlags::PropagateFromParent); in Tick. I am not sure if it is proper way, but it works.


Thank you! It was hard to find solution in google like nobody bothered it. According to EUpdateTransformFlags enum descritption we need EUpdateTransformFlags::None.