Moving assets and blueprint code between multiple packages

Hello .Yesterday I installed new EPIC engine ,looked through content -everything is OK ,but ! I want to use these examples and blueprint assets which I’ve downloaded in marketplace for free in my project ,but can’t do this .Each game type has its own private package and I can’t grab something and use it in new game mode.I mean e.g . I need some particals which I like in ContantExample package and other assets in ShooterGame package …Help me ,is it possible to move things between windows,packages ans etc. I did so in UDK ,easily grab something in 1 package and move to another ,here the highest (parent) package is always called GAME .SO I guess you understand my point . Make it clear for me is it possible to somehow combine assets ,code …between packages in MArketplace.Thank you.

I think the Migrate tool is what you are looking for.

Info here:

My problem has been solved! Thank you very much!

Thanks for the link, big help!