Moving animation assets causes dependent assets to loose links

Moving animation assets causes dependent assets to loose links. When I “Move” animations from one folder to another in the AssetBrowser. Sometimes animations will loose there connection to the character skeleton which forces me to retarget the animations. But the worst of it is that the blueprint animation command nodes loose their links to the animations. Unless I have a clone of unreal to look at it is hard to figure out what animations existed previously. They just show up in the blueprint as red error nodes.

High Anthony Jones,

Have you tried right-clicking on the Contents folder in the Content Browser and selecting “Fix up redirectors in folder?” If not, try this. If that doesn’t work, close the editor and delete the Intermediate and Saved folders from your Project Folder and retry fixing up redirectors.

Lastly, what nodes are you referring to as “the blueprint animation command nodes?” Are these located in the Graph Editor of the AnimBlueprint, within the State Machine, or other? Please post a screen shot.


That fixed me up. I was not aware that I had to do this. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: