moving animated objects from sequencer to another area of the map.

Does anyone know how to move an entire set of animated objects from the sequencer to another area of the map? I tried attaching all of them to an empty actor but everything is getting messed up, they change position as soon as click attach.

The empty actor is using the global transform. The rest attached to the empty actor will be using local transform. So you will need to zero out the transform of the rest and place them accordingly to the scene.

What do you mean by zero out the transformation? if I put 0,0,0 on each object they lose their original position and the distance between them. I don’t even know if I am doing this correctly but I go to the sequencer, I add the empty actor from the green +track button at the top left and I go to each animated object inside the sequencer and select +track->attach->emptyactor.
Is there any alternative or more simple way to just move all of my animated objects from the sequencer without these tricks with empty actors etc?

setting the child obj to parent “empty actor” obj in world outliner will set the transform accordingly. That is provided you did not hard set the transform for the child obj in the sequencer timeline.