Moving and rotating character where camera is looking

What i want to do is rotating and moving character where camera is looking. In video you can see it rotates left and right with no problem but when it comes to up and down, even though characters moves where camera looking, only camera rotates.

What i tried:

  1. Checking “Use Controller Rotation Pitch”: When I do this, character rotates but camera does not follow it. Camera looks down too (you can see in the video).
  2. A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums – Steering pitch like in this link. Didn’t help either. The result was:
    a. Camera and characters goes opposite rotations
    b. character does not swim up and down
  3. Checking “Orient Rotation to Movement”: It is not what i wanted. It rotates up and down only in movement.

i think it’s because you use camera boom, are you already trying to directly connect the camera to root component??

tried that too. that does not work either.

Try making the camera the parent to the fish like this maybe:

Wherever the camera looks, the fish will look.

tried this too. it makes fish move around camera. not suitable for 3rd person.

Ohhhh, I see. Woops, my bad.
Try this:

This arrangement, with this code in the blueprint:


With Lojo’s advice from here : want to rotate character to pitch of camera - AnswerHub - Unreal Engine Forums i made this blueprint

This works with a minor problem. If i make camera too much up or down, it goes crazy.

As long as it works, right? Haha.

Assuming I understood what you wanted, what I showed you should work just fine, with no problems. It rotates when you move the mouse around accordingly, and it doesn’t move around the camera. There is also no issue with moving the camera too far up or down–it’s error-free.

If what you currently have works too, however, then I’d say it’s a mission success for the most part. It looks like you have the angle clamped so the problem you are getting is patched up I’m assuming.

“Add controller pitch input” doesn’t rotate character like the “add controller yaw input”. I don’t know why but it doesn’t. I clamped angles because didn’t wanted to fish rotate all the way up. Still getting camera problems. But like you said, as long as it works.