Moving an actor on the X/Y plane with finger

Hi all, ive got an ‘RTS’ style overhead camera bound to an invisible staticmesh in a pawn blueprint and am trying to make it pan in the X/Y plane. Im simulating touches with the cursor for now, will use my tablet once i get it working.

Im stuck trying to get the camera to move though, i want to drag a finger on the screen/ click+drag whilst i simulate on PC and have the actor/camera correspondingly follow it around (essentially panning the screen).

If anyone can tell me how to get touch/touch+dragging to move the actor on the X/Y i’d be most grateful.

Does anyone have any advice on my problem?


Did you make progress on this?

Check this, it should work fine :

Hi there! I know this question came from ages ago, but I was spending the last few days trying to fix this very same issue in my own project, so I thought I would share the blueprint that I ultimately came up with, based in part on your design above.

It’s not perfect as it can be a little jittery when you release, but it works as a half-decent tap and drag mechanic that you would find in your average RTS/city builder game.

The “Move” wire anchor appears to be relatively new: I’m working in UE4.7.6

i m searching now about that the solution should be with the function convert mouse location to word space